Service is everything to me

Service is everything to me

That’s why I insist on the following:

No More Than 2 Clients Per Day

I never rush a session;  getting the best images means we finish when we have everything we need and not before. This can take anything from 1 to 4 hours, so I never see more than 2 clients a day (and usually just 1). I work with natural daylight so hours are limited and we won’t waste time (but the good news is that we work inside so we don’t have to worry about the weather!).


When you arrive, we’ll chat about you as an actor and what it is we are trying to capture. To maximise this, we’ll discuss your casting strengths (you will have already done this with your agent or I can do this for you if you like), So, the first part of the session is getting on the same page and knowing what results we want.

Clothes Hair and Make Up.

Costume, Make-up and Hair play a huge part in telling a story and it’s no different with your photo. I always ask people to bring their own clothes but I do have a wardrobe of tops to use if we need them (usually we end up with a mixture of both). We’ll work with a make-up kit on hand to ensure your look is complete- from concealer to full foundation, clean shave to full beard (though you’ll have to grow that before you arrive!!). I will keep an eye on how you look; you can concentrate on how you feel.

You Can See What’s Going On

I shoot digitally and will always check the images on screen as we go along to make sure that we are both happy with the results. If not, we simply shoot the section again

Contact Sheets

Your session images will be uploaded to this website and you will receive a unique, secure password to access and view the images. The images will be available within 7 working days of the session. Both you and your agent will have time to study the images separately before you get together to discuss the final selection.

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Choosing Your Photos

Once you and your agent have decided, just text me the catalogue numbers from the contact sheet. Each image is purchased separately, but included in the price is air brushing and grading, each image is supplied as landscape and portrait (it’s up to you which format you finally use).


Your images will be burnt onto 2 CDs (your agent gets one, you get the other- along with a receipt)


Your images will be backed up and stored for 1 year. After this time they may be deleted.