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Maxine Evans

I trained as an actress at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama from 1988-1991 and for over 8 years performed as an actress in theatre, radio, television and film productions. In that time I began writing and directing and soon moved on to working as a writer, story-liner, series editor and director on regional and network tv shows. Consequently, after more than 25 years in the industry, I have developed a unique insight into the actors headshot and what purpose it serves.

 It’s how you look that helps us to tell the story, and we choose to see you because you look the way you do. (We assume you can act!!) So believe me when I say that, once you’ve whittled it down to the 50/60 actors that you are able to see, it is a complete waste of everyone’s time if the actor that walks through the door does not look anything like their photo!

Therefore these photos HAVE to look like you- the actor. If the photo doesn’t do you justice you may never get in the room; if it makes you look too good, you may disappoint. It’s a a real balancing act. My job as the photographer is to enable you- the actor- to tap into the moment. To produce an energy that captures the lens and won’t let it go. An image that says to a casting director ‘Just get me in the room, I can do this!’.

You are judged so much before you’ve even stepped into the room. Let’s make sure it’s a true judgement.

That’s why the portfolio is so valuable to your agent and  the casting director, and fundamentally to you, the actor.

I still work within the industry as an actor and director, and have found that it’s not how many auditions you go for, but how many you are right for. An accurate, up to-date-image prevents time wasting and gets you seen for the right roles.

Now that, surely,  can only be a good thing.

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