Air Brushing and Grading

How much Airbrushing do I do? 

Only enough to clean up the image. If you have something on your face on the day that isn’t normally there…a spot or cold sore, grey roots that you haven’t had time to get done, or the odd stray brow hair? That will be removed.

But removing too much age or weight isn’t what I do. My work is respected for producing great images that look like you.Chloe Buswell 8141

However if you want more of a publicity shot then I will happily go to town!! Depending on what you want there may be an extra charge for my time.

You Can See What’s Going On

I shoot digitally and will always check the images on screen as we go along to make sure that we are both happy with the results. If not, we simply shoot the section again.

Choosing Your Photos

Once you and your agent have decided, just text me the catalogue numbers from the contact sheet. Each image is purchased separately, but included in the price is air brushing and grading, each image is supplied as landscape and portrait (it’s up to you which format you finally use).