Hair, Make-up and Clothes

make 8

I love make-up. As an actor it changes the way I look and therefore the way i am perceived. Helping me create my characters and bring them to life. I feel I don’t really know them until I’ve seen them looking back at me in the mirror.

As a photographer it helps me show casting directors the possibilities of an actor.

Costume, Make-up and Hair play a huge part in telling a story and it’s no different with your photo. I always ask people to bring their own clothes but I do have a wardrobe of tops to use if we need them (usually we end up with a mixture of both).

We’ll work with a make-up kit on hand to ensure your look is complete- from concealer to full foundation, clean shave to full beard (though you’ll have to grow that before you arrive!!).

I will keep an eye on how you look; you can concentrate on how you feel.