Judith Jacob

Actress & Radio Presenter – Real McCoy. Eastenders. Dumar. 

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Judith Jacobs
Maxine is an actor photographer. She knows exactly how to get the best out you by giving you situations to think about before taking the picture. Also, she applies make up which as a black woman I was a not sure if she would have the right shades for me but I had nothing to worry about.
I will always return to Maxine as I feel safe, comfortable and know she always gets the best out of me.  I’ve been back to her 3 times in the last 12 years.

—Judith Jacobs

When you arrive, we’ll chat about you as an actor and what it is we are trying to capture. To maximise this, we’ll discuss your casting strengths (you will have already done this with your agent or I can do this for you if you like), So, the first part of the session is getting on the same page and knowing what results we want.

Costume, Make-up and Hair play a huge part in telling a story and it’s no different with your photo. I always ask people to bring their own clothes but I do have a wardrobe of tops to use if we need them (usually we end up with a mixture of both). We’ll work with a make-up kit on hand to ensure your look is complete- from concealer to full foundation, clean shave to full beard.

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