Karen Paullada

Actress – Stella. The Green Green Grass. My Family. 

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Karen Paullada

Maxine made me feel so comfortable and at no point did I feel like we were being rushed for time, the atmosphere was extremely relaxed and positive which is essential for great head shots.

Maxine does everything from advice on what to wear to doing your hair and makeup, which for me was so important as I hate doing my own hair and never know how I should wear it, but Maxine just sorts out everything so there is nothing to worry about. She has a way of capturing great naturalistic shots which always have a huge positive response from agents and casting directors. I have spent years searching for a photographer that can capture the true me and not just an elegant shot. All I wanted was a photo that looked like me, but me on a good day and I found that in Maxine and much more. She also takes lots of different shots with different hair styles for different types of castings which I thought was a great added bonus.  A positive experience from start to finish and I am extremely happy with the results and will continue to go back to Maxine for years to come. A very talented photographer!

—Karen Paullada

When you arrive, we’ll chat about you as an actor and what it is we are trying to capture. To maximise this, we’ll discuss your casting strengths (you will have already done this with your agent or I can do this for you if you like), So, the first part of the session is getting on the same page and knowing what results we want.

Costume, Make-up and Hair play a huge part in telling a story and it’s no different with your photo. I always ask people to bring their own clothes but I do have a wardrobe of tops to use if we need them (usually we end up with a mixture of both). We’ll work with a make-up kit on hand to ensure your look is complete- from concealer to full foundation, clean shave to full beard.

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