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Nathan Whitfield Headshot

Nathan Whitfield. ACTOR

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Use the online availability and booking calendar to arrange a suitable day and time for a professional photography session with Maxine Evans.

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Session Pricing

All sessions include clothes, hair styling, styling and make-up
Each image includes airbrushing, grading, landscape and portrait cropping.

  • Headshot – £200 (2 images included)
  • Full Portfolio – £260 (3 images included)
  • Student – £150 (1 image included)
  • Extra images – £20 each

Can I have the images in Black and White?

We can shoot in back and white if you’d prefer but the industry is moving more and more towards colour. The only image that you’ll need in Black and White is your main Spotlight book image as they still print the books in Black and White. I will grade your main photo to Black and White for you at no extra charge. Just request this when you select your images by letting me know which image will be your main one.

Will all the photos taken be on the contact sheet?

No. Anything you or I are unhappy with from a look or quality point of view will go in the trash. So you and your agent only have to agonize over the good useable images.

How many images will I have on my contact sheets?

As we will be shooting digitally that’s hard to say exactly but it’s anything from 12 to 24 useable headshots. But it’s quality and choice that matter here rather than numbers. Remember, in this session you only want one or maybe two photos.

What if I want more than the amount of photos allocated in the Price?

You pay £20 for each extra image. This covers my time spent cropping, air brushing and grading. But at this stage you won’t need more than 2 images maximum. However if one or two are for your Mum just say. Then we can chat about grading and cropping options.

How much air-brushing do you do?

Only enough to clean up the image. If you have something on your face on the day that isn’t normally there…a spot or cold sore, grey roots that you haven’t had time to get done, or the odd stray brow hair? That will be removed. But removing too much age or weight isn’t what I do. My work is respected for producing great images that look like you. However if you want more of a publicity shot then I will happily go to town!! Depending on what you want there may be an extra charge for my time.

One of the most important sessions you will ever have

A Student Session is one of the most important sessions you will ever have.

But it’ll be one of the hardest as it will be your first. For this we really need a strong headshot that looks like you and captures your energy, because that’s what’ll capture the agent’s imagination when they are looking to take you on.

This image, while you’re at Drama School isn’t only just for reference; it’ll give the agents an idea of how you look on screen.

It’s more important than ever that you take your time and are guided through this process. I’ve worked with hundreds of students in my time as a photographer and although you pay me less for this session, it’s just as important to me that we get it right. I will teach you the tricks of how to get a great headshot.

So if this sounds right then my Student Session is the one for you.

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Lewes Roberts Portfolio

Lewes Roberts. ACTOR

These were my first professional head shots. I was made to feel at ease straight away and am so delighted with the results, as was my agent! I had my first audition within days for a feature film!

—Lewes Roberts